Innovation PLUS Community

Posted on Feb 27, 2013


Innovation Matters

Regional Impact—Dale McNutt

The burgeoning Pittsburgh entrepreneurial community—innovation PLUS community…

  • Pittsburgh is poised to finally acknowledge its potential; and cooperatively create all the conditions that can support early stage entrepreneurial growth through mature business development.
  • The entrepreneurial community itself is networking and communicating more; to create broader awareness and synergy among all the organizations, businesses and individuals involved.
  • Acknowledgement of weaknesses, and a willingness to overcome the financing hurdles to retain successful companies in the Pittsburgh area is taking root.
  • A shift in funding philosophy within government agencies and local endowments occurs upon realization that supporting startups in early-to-mid stage development is not enough. Entrepreneurial growth needs to be coupled with real community economic development and local employment opportunities.

It’s PEOPLE, that matter—the deeper realization for sustainability of human spirit and opportunity—as much as the generation of dollars based on innovative ideas that drives sustainable economic development.

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